In the throngs of a sex scandal with his deputy mayor, London Mayor Matt Brown won't be stepping down and is getting back to business effective immediately.

Brown made the announcement Wednesday afternoon at a snap news conference outside of his office on the second floor.

“It’s time now for me to return to work and as of today I will be returning as mayor,” Brown told reporters.

He called his affair with councillor Maureen Cassidy as a “grave error in judgement.”

“I’ve made a commitment to being open and honest, no matter how painful or embarrassing that it has been. What occurred should never have happened and it’s something I take responsibility for and it’s something that I deeply regret. This has been a difficult and a painful time for everyone involved,” said Brown.

The decision came as a surprise to many, as there was a large public backlash against the mayor following his admitted affair with Ward 5 councillor Maureen Cassidy on June 14.

In a recent CTV London Web Poll, 66% of respondents wanted to see Brown resign as mayor.

Brown's decision to stay comes on the heels of a report from the city's newly minted Integrity Commissioner that highlighted three violations of council's Code of Conduct.

During the news conference, Brown said he accepts the findings of the Integrity Commissioner but it's "time to get back to work."

Brown also said he is willing to work with all councillors, including the councillor for Ward 5 (Maureen Cassidy).

Brown added he must work to repair the trust of the public.

“I need to work very hard to regain the trust and the respect of my fellow Londoners and I’m prepared to do exactly that,” said Brown.

Brown is married to his wife Andrea and has two boys.

Cassidy is also married and has three children.

Cassidy has chosen to step down as deputy mayor but remains on as a councillor.

She has chosen to take an indefinite leave of absence.