Following the controversy of Western president Dr Amit Chakma's salary disclousre, late Wednesday afternoon, the president says he will be returning part of his salary.

In a statement on the University's website, Chakma says he will refund the controversial sabbatical payout from 2014.

"I have decided voluntarily to refund the in lieu payment to the University. I have also decided not to exercise my right under the contract to receive payment in lieu of administrative leave at the end of my second term," Chakma says in the statement.

Meanwhile, also in a statement on the website, Chirag Shah, Chair of the Western University Board of Governors said, "In this time of fiscal uncertainty and restraint in the post-secondary education sector, Western’s Board of Governors is highly sensitive to the concerns expressed by members of the Western community and the wider public. Accordingly, we have asked former Court of Appeal Justice Stephen T. Goudge to conduct a full, fair, and transparent review of the issue.”

The board maintains Chakma's contract was negotiated in good faith but it is committed to implementing any recommendations Justice Goudge brings forward.

Chakma’s salary has been highly criticized since the province’s Sunshine list was released on Friday.

Chakma made $967,000 in 2014.

That is double than his normal salary.

According to a provision in his contract, Chakma collected a year’s pay in a lump sum because he chose to work through a scheduled year-long sabbatical.