WINGHAM, ONT. -- Two amateur detectives investigating missing persons cases in Grey and Bruce counties are expanding their reach across the country.

Nick Oldrieve and Matthew Nopper started Please Bring Me Home four years ago to try and help find the remains of missing people from Grey and Bruce counties.

It started with the Lisa Maas case, but quickly grew to as many as 10 cold-case files.

Following a story on CTV’s W5 a month ago, interest in the amateur sleuths efforts exploded.

The pair are now working on as many as 52 missing person cases across the country and are looking into starting Please Bring Me Home chapters in each province in the country.

To help them do that, they’ve both recruited - and been joined - by many retired law enforcement personnel.

They include retired members of the RCMP, a criminologist and detectives that looked into high-profile cases during their time as police officers.

Linda Gillis Davidson recently retired from law enforcement, including some time providing security for the prime minister.

She saw the pair's story on W5 and knew she wanted to help.

Speaking about Oldrieve and Nopper she says, “Their heart and soul is into this. When you see the passion they have to bring peace to these families. How can not want to be a part of that.”