A walk to raise money and awareness for the thousands of people in our community who live with Alzheimer’s is getting a unique boost this year.

Millie the Goose is the newest walker - or should we say waddler - who’s part of this year's local walk

“She showed up at the Alzheimer Society front door, in our garden, about a month ago, about April 8th I think and laid one egg and then another egg and has proceeded to sit on them ever since,” says Leslie Rand of the Alzheimer Society London and Middlesex.

The sight of the mother goose nesting has been enjoyed by the Alzheimer’s society and its clients, so much so that Rand says the organization signed up Millie the Goose to fundraise for the walk.

“It did seem like she was joining our team so she’s joined our Walk for Alzheimer’s team and has already raised $315.”

Millie will be one of close to 750 walkers that will take part in the event this weekend to raise money and awareness.

Deb Weber and her family will also be walking this weekend for her husband Bruce who she says has declined immensely over the years.

“So many people have no idea what this disease does for the client themselves, for the caregivers and for the families.”

Those families turn to the The Alzheimer’s Society of London Middlesex for help and support, and Rand says that’s why fundraisers like this weekend walk is key.

“Our client base has actually grown by 127 per cent over the last five years we serve now almost 2,700 individuals every year.”

The IG Wealth Management Walk for Alzheimer’s takes place this Saturday at 10 a.m. at Springbank Gardens.