A local baseball association is doing what their big-league namesakes have refused to do, get rid of the nickname "Indians," and the laughing Indian logo that accompanies it.

It was during the American League Championship series between the Toronto Blue Jays and Cleveland Indians that Alvinston Minor Baseball Association decided it would drop the Indians nickname and the Chief Wahoo logo.

"Making a change that represents our community and represents who we are; as an organization. You know, we'll start a new tradition and start something fresh that represents us," says Andy Triest, Association president.

The word that is constantly used by coaches and players is respect, including 12-year-old Connor Cumming.

"We want to show respect to everyone that we play against so changing the name of the Indians will show more respect," says Connor Cumming and Alvinston ballplayer.

But it comes at a cost. Jerseys, hats and signs all have to be changed and that's why the Association has launched a GoFundMe page with a $29,000 target.

One of the donors is the Delware Nation of Moraviantown.

"What progressive thinking. When we always talk about 'truth and reconciliation' and all these apologies and things. Unless there's actaul action, then there is no reconciliation. And an act like this goes a long way for reconciliation," says Chief Greg Peters, Delaware Nation Council.

The minor baseball association feels it was an important message to send to the children.

"Teaching kids that respect is the most important thing. And that you have a logo that represents and that is respected by everyone is more important than the tradition of wearing the Indians logo," says Triest.