Changes could be on the way for Collingwood’s iconic Elvis Festival.

The town’s parks and recreation department has been pushing to change the festival for a little while now. The changes include shortening the festival from five days to three, along with relocating festivities all together.

"What we've recommended is moving it from the downtown footprint that it has recently been established in to our Millennium Park at the end of Heritage Drive," Dean Collver, director of Parks and Recreation.

The recommendation comes after a three year review.

"We feel that the direction for the Elvis Festival has been to be cost neutral, so not cost the tax payers anything. It's been a challenge to do that over the last several years."

Town council was set to vote on the recommendations on Monday night, but councillors decided to defer a decision. The reason? A meeting between Collver and Collingwood’s Business Improvement Association.

"There is a significant proportion of the BIA district, who are very supportive of keeping the Elvis events in the BIA, and so this is an opportunity for them to sit with PRC, and review what are the requirements to run a more efficient festival,” says councillor Deb Doherty.

Collingwood Mayor Sandra Cooper says relocating the festival is for cost saving measures. The town believes the move could also help fix the parking problem.

"I'm hearing from shopkeepers in the downtown who are pleased that it is moving on, and we're hearing from others with a different view," she says.

A decision on the recommendations will be made at a council meeting at the end of the month.