Sign vandalism is nothing new during an election campaign, but taking an entire town's election signs from one party is.

Larry Miller is the Conservative candidate for Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound - he has won the last four elections in the riding, so he's used to attracting more attention.

But he says what happened over the weekend in the community of Shallow Lake hit a new low.

"The odd sign goes missing in an election but for them to target a whole village or town is something new, we haven't had that before."

On Saturday night someone stole all of Miller's election signs from Shallow Lake, just north of Owen Sound.

It's only 20 or 25 signs, but it was only Miller's signs taken. The signs have since been replaced, but it has left many wondering who took them and why.

Miller says, "The two Liberal signs, which are the only two other signs in Shallow Lake, were untouched, but that doesn't necessarily mean it was a Liberal supporter that did it. I'm not suggesting that, and I don't want anybody else to think that. I know that none of the other candidates would condone that."

After four federal elections Miller says this one is by far the worst for vandalism of his election signs.

"I've never had people mark up my signs with magic markers before, but that's happening. It is what it is, but the vandalism to signs and signs being knocked over at this stage of the campaign is definitely larger scale than in any other campaign I've been in."

The sign stealing has been reported to police, and while Miller isn't confident the guilty party will be caught he says he'll pay more attention from now until election day, but won't lose sleep over it.