LONDON, ONT. -- The first day of Airshow London took flight Saturday.

Pilots painting the skies with Canada’s first physically distanced air show, Skydrive.

“It’s completely different show from other years,” says Holly Doty, Executive director for Airshow London.

It’s the first drive-in-event of it’s kind and tickets sold out.

Doty says that the airshow is usually ‘festival stye’ with lots of activities and food vendors.

But this year, fans parked their cars in designated spaces called pods to allow for physical distancing measures, similar to a drive-in-movie.

The pods were six feet apart from one another and had pylons around them.

Lots of families did not seem to mind the new layout, and actually preferred it.

“We got a car loaded with snacks, we got our chairs, it's the best I think out of all the years we have been,” says the Cassar family.

“We got about 10-12 feet by 10-12 feet or so, (pod)…we’re in the VIP-section cant get better. We are respecting social distancing and people are very respectful,” says Patrick Bagheri who was watching the show with his son and daughter.

Airshow staff teams were out supporting neighbourhood pods to adhere to COVID-19 guidelines.

“We have teams at each of our sort of neighbourhoods and they manage to make sure everyone stays in their pods, and that they are respectful and are not walking around the show, we just want to make sure everyone is safe today,” Doty says.

Among show highlights are six military demonstration teams from the U.S.

But no American pilots will be landing.

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The last day of Airshow London first physically distanced event is from 1-5 pm, on Sunday.

Doors open at 10 a.m. .