LONDON, ONT. -- Canada’s only airshow in 2020 is set to take off next month in London, with more big acts being confirmed Thursday.

All three are U.S. military air demonstration teams.

The addition of the F-35, F-16 and A-10 groups to the already scheduled F-22 Demonstration Team will mark the first time all four have performed together at one show in Canada.

Usually the four teams try not to overlap performances and limit themselves to one show a year in Canada.

“Being that we are the only air show in Canada this year, the U.S. Air Force is very excited to help us celebrate the essential and front line workers,” says Airshow London Chair Jim Graham.

Between the four teams there will be seven demonstrations at this year's event.

Dubbed ’SkyDrive,’ up to 2,500 cars will be safely spaced at the airport to allow visitors to see the show.

“We’re essentially creating a plot, almost campsites for our patrons to be on," Graham adds.

While the news is exciting for Londoners starved for entertainment, the addition of more U.S. air crews also raises worries about COVID-19 safety protocols.

Unless pilots and ground crews opt to fly in from the U.S. directly, American planes will need to spend some time on the ground in London.

“They are going to be flying. If they are hosted in London, public safety will be treated as a mission. In all likelihood, they could be hosted elsewhere."

U.S. teams aside, one key part of attendance is already known, and it is good news for organizers.

“We’re 75 per cent sold out Saturday and approaching 70 per cent Sunday."

Tickets for Airshow London are only available in advance online.