LONDON, ONT. -- In the span of four days, a Facebook video featuring singing residents in a long-term-care home has reached over 80,000 views.

The team at Craigwiel Gardens in Ailsa Craig, Ont. north of London put together a sing along video to the song 'Stand by Me' and it has taken off.

"Not in our wildest dreams did we imagine the response," says Ernie Harris, Craigwiel Gardens' CEO.

"It has been so overwhelming. We are just happy that video has brought joy to people who have watched it."

Diane Rondinelli caught a glimpse of her mother Cathy Vens.

Cathy Vens

Craigwiel Gardens resident Cathy Vens

"When I saw it for the first time, I started crying," says Rondinelli.

"Even though she only has three words in it. My mom just turned 103 last week and it was incredible to see her participate."

Rondinelli is considered a caregiver so she can visit her mother weekly pending a COVID19 test. However she can't interact with all the residents. Seeing them in the video was uplifting considering our current time.

"It brought a tear to my eye because we don't see those residents anymore," says Rondinelli.

"In the past I would sing in the halls with my mom, whether it be songs or hymns. When I think about watching the video it gives me goosebumps."

Harris says there were multiple reasons to produce the video.

"We did it to give residents and staff the opportunity to get their minds off COVID for a while, and to uplift their spirits a little bit," says Harris.

"The second was to let their families know that their loved ones are safe and are coping well with all the restrictions that come with COVID-19. We also wanted to thank the community for their excellent support of the home during COVID-19 and financial support as we try to build our new home."

Rondinelli continues to watch the video because it brings her such joy.

"I can't believe my mom is in something that is going viral," says Rondinelli.

"That's the coolest part of it all. Even though she's in that for a brief moment, I'll have that forever."