London police are warning the public about aggressive coyotes in the Kains Road wooded area near Riverbend Road after a woman and her dogs, out for a walk Sunday morning, were followed.

The coyotes came within two metres on the woman, who was walking in the northwest part of the city.

It was about 8:30 a.m. when the woman encountered the first coyote, which was barking and growling. A second coyote appeared in the wooded area and also began growling and barking.

Both coyotes followed the woman for a good distance before she managed to get out of the wooded area and back onto a trail, police said.

She was not injured and her two dogs, a German shepherd and Labrador were unharmed. 

Police urge citizens using the trails in this area to be cautious and mindful that this area is populated by coyotes.