ST. THOMAS, ONT. -- There’s no better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than becoming a mom for the first time on that very day.

Back in 2007, Matteo Marino was born at St. Joseph’s Hospital, a day his mother thought would never be.

“We still don't believe it,” said Lucy Marino from her hospital bed 13 years ago.

Nick Paparella in 2007
CTV's Nick Paparella meets Matteo Marino when he was born on Mother's Day in 2007.

Now Matteo is officially a teenager, celebrating like many others due to COVID-19 with a drive-by birthday.

“Medically I was told I'd never have kids and here he is so, I mean everybody's children are miracle babies but Matteo is truly my miracle baby,” Lucy said.

As for the surprise drive-by, it was appreciated.

“I'm shocked she set all of this up for me. I was like, all my favourite family and just have this amazing day to celebrate with me,” said Matteo. “ I thought it would be a quarantine birthday.”