London police have laid additional charges against a Mississauga man in relation to human trafficking.

Following a lengthy investigation, Anthony Greenham of Mississauga has been charged with trafficking in persons, receiving financial benefits from trafficking , procuring illicit sexual intercourse, procuring a person to be a prostitute, exercise control of a person for the purpose of prostitution and mischief under $5000.

Police first contacted the adult female victim in October of 2013.

The investigation showed that the victim was being used as a prostitute since April of 2013 when she was first approached by the accused.

It was not until April of this year that she decided to leave the sex trade.

She had been allegedly used for sex in hotels throughout southern Ontario.

Greenham is currently in custody, facing similar charges from another victim.

London police initially announced on November 17th that they’d rescued an 18-year-old woman who was being trafficked as a prostitute at hotels and motels in London, Thunder Bay, Mississauga and in Burlington.

Greenham was listed as the accused in that case.

London police are urging anyone in a similar situation to contact them.