Tammy Heisel

CTVNewsLondon.ca News Acquisitions Editor


Tammy Heisel joined the CTV London news team in the fall of 2017 as a News Acquisition Editor.

Working behind the scene, Tammy's jobs include editing, audio, graphics, web, and covering assignment from time to time.

When she's not at CTV, Tammy can be found teaching at Fanshawe College in the Broadcast Television and Film program. Her courses to date include Editing, Graphics, Marketing, Video Game Design, Film Pre-Production, to name a few.

Prior to joining CTV, Tammy was a Producer at Rogers TV in London where she created animated show intros, graphics, promotions, as well as hosting her own show with her then (and current) colleague. She also produced a show about Tattoos, even though she doesn't have any!

Tammy is a self-proclaimed nerd who frequents comic conventions, co-hosts nerd culture radio shows/podcasts, and enjoys adding content to her YouTube channel, FANaticsOnline in her 'spare' time.

Although she works throughout the week, Tammy is almost always working with the best weekend team in the world of news!

Aside from that, Tammy loves baking (especially for her colleagues), drawing, and making people laugh. Even if she's the only one laughing at her own cheesy jokes.

Grateful for the opportunity, Tammy is thankful to be a part of the CTV News teams and is appreciative of all the truly amazing people she gets to spend her time with.

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