Most news stories of CTV News London may be purchased for personal use. Written transcripts of these programs are also available.

Examples of Personal Use include:

  • A souvenir copy of a news item in which you, a friend or family member appeared
  • News segments for use in a classroom / university project
  • A segment featuring a company or organization, for their own records

Please note:

  • We only sell video that is CTV News copyright
  • Video may not be posted on any website, although you may embed or link to stories on
  • Video will not be released as evidence in any legal proceeding unless a subpoena is provided
  • Video segments may not be used to market or advertise a company, service or product

If you wish to proceed please fill in the form with your request, we will get back to you shortly with payment methods.

Pricing: $65 for businesses and individuals for personal viewing only OR $40 for non-profit organizations for personal viewing only.


These conditions are applicable to present and future use.

The video described below is provided to you from CTV London/Windsor on condition that it will be used only for personal viewing; or for non-broadcast educational use by an accredited non-profit ethnic, religious, cultural or educational organization or institution. The video and audio content contained on the copy shall not be exhibited for a paying audience and may not be segmented or duplicated in whole or in part, or transmitted by electronic means of any kind including, without limitation, by way of closed circuit, cable, or internet without the written permission of CTV London/Windsor. Signature of this agreement also is your guarantee no part of the video or audio content will be used in connection with any legal matter.

Acceptance and use of the copy constitutes acceptance of the above terms.