Takumi Stamping Canada in St. Thomas has laid off 20 per cent of its workforce.

It’s fallout from the major ice storm in Ontario in December.

CTV News has learned about 50 workers are out of work at this time and they don’t know for how long.

“By the time we get back to work, and get a pay check, it’s going to be at least three weeks down the road so my bills will keep coming in and they don't seem to mind us not having our bills paid,” says one man, who did not want his identity revealed as he fears discipline.

“You're screwed either way,” he says. "You can't find other jobs and you’ve got to wait on these guys  and these guys aren't saying much about it.  So it’s hard for us to know where we are going.”

The layoffs are expected to be temporary, but the workers don’t know for how long.

Takumi makes parts for Toyota and December’s weather caused problems with Toyota’s parts sequencing, which means it doesn’t need all of the parts right now.

"Takumi's major business - 80 per cent of it - is with Toyota, so it’s understandable,” says St. Thomas Mayor Heather Jackson.

Takumi refused comment, but the company’s history in the area is well regarded.

Takumi is a St. Thomas success story. It opened in 2008, expanded in 2011 and employed about 300 people. Nobody wants Takumi to be successful more than its laid-off workers.

“The bills still keep coming in, it’s just a matter of time before your behind on your bill or you can't pay your insurance on your vehicle to even get to a job, whatever it is,” says the unnamed employee.

This is just one of several layoffs he’s faced.

“You find a job, you work for a bit and then you get laid off. It’s sort of becoming normal nowadays.”

Toyota outsold every other brand last year and Jackson is hopeful its reputation will ensure jobs are coming back.

“I'm looking forward to those folks that have been laid off to get back to work.”