He's been back in Canada for nearly two months and for the past month, he's been re-integrating himself into the city.

Convicted in Mauritania for his connections to terrorism, Aaron Yoon is trying to return to a normal life.

The Muslim community in London has so far embraced him.

This is the first time anybody has confirmed that Aaron Yoon is in fact living in London.

CTV reporter Cristina Howorun briefly spoke with Yoon Wednesday morning at his mother's home.

"It's Cristina, we spoke earlier this morning," says reporter Cristina Howorun outside of his mother's home through an intercom.

"Not interested," Yoon says through the speaker.

After 18 months in a Mauritanian prison, Yoon is interested in his faith.

CTV has learned Yoon returned to the London Muslim Mosque last month.

David Hassan is part of the leadership at the Mosque.

Over the past few weeks, he's seen a lot more of Yoon and he says he spoke to him last week.

"My sense is he's healthy, happy, and happy to get back to his life," says Hassan.

As Yoon begins to piece together his life, a clearer picture is emerging about two of his former friends, Ali Medlej and Kris Katsiroubas.

Both were involved in a deadly terrorist attack on an Algerian gas plant.

A firm that worked out of the plant hired a team of investigators to look into the tragedy.

They found that at least one of the young Londoners played a leadership role in the assault.

When the attack happened, Yoon was already incarcerated on charges related to terrorism.

Yoon has always maintained his innocence.

"If he had done something, he would never have seen the light of day by either Mauritanian or Canadian authorities," says Hassan.

Yoon was interviewed at length by security officials when he landed at Pearson but no charges were laid.

"It confirms my belief all along that he was innocent," adds Hassan.