LONDON, ONT. -- If you take a step into the sci-fi battle world game called Warframe, you will be one of millions who have done just that.

“Over 50 million registered users play our game,” says Helen Heikkila from Digital Extremes.

The game Warframe is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, and it was created right here in the Forest City.

“This is a free-to-play sci-fi third-person looter shooter, but since we are always adding to it - and passion and creativity put into it non-stop - it’s so much more,” says Heikkila.

For some dedicated players the game has also literally changed their lives.

“It’s not the first time this has happened, but now and then you hear about people meeting in the game and getting married in real life,” says Heikkila. “We’ve actually sent wedding gifts to people who have met in real life.”

All from a game that was created by Digital Extremes, a technology company that started up 26 years ago and has now grown to be a big employer in the city.

Currently, a little more than 335 people work for the company, which plans to hire between 30 to 35 more staff members this year alone.

“In our sound design studio we are hiring programmers and technical game designers," says Heidi Flynn from the human resources department. "We are also hiring literally in every area in the company because of the rapid growth we are going through.”

Flynn says no matter what the role, everyone is just as important in this growing team.

“We are able to bring people on and they have a footprint in the company. So you can come into any role and make it your own.”

The company, which has definitely made its mark in the international gaming world, also makes sure to support local organizations in the community.

“At Christmas we will reach out to the Thames Valley school board and we ask the principals for a list of families in most need,” says Flynn. “This last Christmas we were able to support more than 60 families and that is directly funded by our employees and it’s incredible we are able to continue the initiative.”

Moving forward Digital Extremes plans to continue to grow its games, staff and community support for years to come.