LONDON, ONT. -- Londoner Ira Timothy reminds us to 'bee' careful when working outdoors.

Timothy, who usually finds mowing the lawn a relaxing way to help his aunt and mother, made an interesting discovery.

There are a lot of low hanging trees on the property, upon which his family hangs birdhouses to attract birds to their yard.

"…I come up to one of the trees, and I was just about ready to duck down and go underneath the branches when all of a sudden, I notice something a little odd," he said.

"Something for your nightmares", Timothy says as he describes a birdhouse completely taken over by a wasps nest.

It seems that the wasps built their nest completely covering the bird house. Only the roof remained visible.

Wasps nests, made of a substance close to paper, are created by chewing wood into pulp and then sticking it together with their saliva forming a honeycomb structure.

While they look delicate and easy to remove, it is recommended that you do not try to knock down a nest on your own.

Never pour flammable liquids into a ground nest or destroy it with boiling water.

While the nest made for an interesting visual, Timothy wants to remind people to, "…definitely keep an eye out when you're cutting the lawn."