LONDON, ONT. -- London Mayor Ed Holder gave a 'shout-out' to a higher level of government Thursday.

Holder says $500-million in relief announced by the province will help municipalities ease pandemic shortfalls.

“It put us in a much better situation to handle the economic challenges of 2021.”

London will see $11.7 million of the funding.

Holder says the money will help fund transit and other under-utilized services during the pandemic.

“This should go along way in satisfying most of our needs going forward. We are the front-line and the bottom line when it comes to supporting the needs of our communities.”

Estimates suggest London could be short $20 million from COVID-19 related revenue loss in 2021.

The city’s treasurer expects to update the estimate later this spring.


  • Town of Aylmer - $117,981
  • Municipality of Bayham - $104,962
  • Municipality of Central Elgin - $220,509
  • Municipality of Dutton Dunwich - $65,110
  • County of Elgin - $544, 266
  • Township of Malahide $124,818
  • County of Middlesex- $760,371
  • City of St. Thomas- $1,141,947
  • Municipality of Thames Centre - $201,656
  • Municipality of West Elgin - $115,045