Conservative Leader Stephen Harper came to London early in the federal election campaign - the longest in modern history at 78 days – with hopes of keeping his three Tory seats.

It was a sign that there was nothing secure in the London ridings.

With steady Elgin-Middlesex-London Tory MP Joe Preston recently retired after 10 years in office, things became even more uncertain.

Harper paid another visit to London last week – the only leader to come here twice - visiting Preston’s riding and attacking the Liberals over their tax plan. The Liberals locally have also been seen as the main challengers to the Tory seats.

Preston served for four terms, winning the 2011 election by more than double the votes of his closest rival, Fred Sinclair of the NDP.

Karen Vecchio is the Conservative candidate in Elgin-Middlesex-London.

It’s a dog fight in London West with polls showing Conservative Ed Holder, who has held the seat for the last two terms, and Liberal Kate Young, running neck and neck.

Holder garnered 44.5 per cent of the vote in 2011, with Liberal candidate Doug Ferguson getting 26.77 per cent and NDPer Peter Ferguson securing 25.9 per cent.

The riding of London North Centre switched from Liberal red to Tory blue in 2011 when newcomer Susan Truppe upset Glen Pearson by less than 2,000 votes, or a little more than three per cent.

The riding that many pundits say is the most secure in the city is London-Fanshawe, where Irene Mathyssen has held the seat for the NDP since 2006. Mathyssen also served in the provincial legislature from 1990 to 1995. Last year, she was elected NDP Caucus Chair.

In the last election, Mathyssen took 51 per cent of the vote, with Conservative Jim Chahbar finishing second.