LONDON, ONT. -- Health-care workers at hospitals and nursing homes who are battling the COVID-19 outbreak are being shown some love when it comes to an annual ritual with the federal government.

Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario have kicked off a program called 'Accounting for Bravery' to help them prepare their income tax returns for free.

In London, Davis Martindale has adopted the program.

“They are entirely the unsung heroes,” said Rick Santos a chartered professional accountant at Davis Martindale. “For us, you know we're looking at them making a very significant sacrifice to our community to get rid of this virus, and we thought this was a way that we could participate as a small token of our appreciation.”

Dr. Chris Mackie, the Medical Officer of Health with the Middlesex-London Health Unit says it’s a morale booster for front-line staff.

“It really makes a difference,” he says.

Due to COVID-19 the federal government has moved the filing deadline for income taxes this year from April 30 to June 1.