LONDON, ONT. -- The Tompkins family, originally from London, have self-published a children’s book called, You Are.

The book written by Kayla Tompkins, wife of Mike and mother to Dash and Wilder, encourages parents and guardians to speak words of affirmation to kids.

“Words of affirmation are super important… it builds self-esteem and boosts confidence in children,” says Tompkins.

You Are, features illustrations of Tompkins’ five-year-old son Dash and their dog Moose.

The book focuses on seven simple but specific words that parents can speak to their children.

“We chose the words, strong, brave, loving, kind, sweet, good and awesome,” says Tompkins.

The words of affirmation stuck with Dash, who loves to repeat those words to himself throughout his day.

Tompkins says that each of the seven words is linked to a life-lesson.

One illustration shows Dash sharing a balloon with his friend, symbolizing the word Kind.

Along with teaching good qualities through words of affirmation, the book also teaches kids how to overcome obstacles.

In an illustration focusing on the word, Brave, Dash is seen overcoming his fear of water and diving right in.

“I see a dramatic change in him… as soon as I come down to his level and say you are brave you can do this.. those words of affirmation are just a switch in his mind,” says Tompkins.

Kayla’s husband Mike is also a professional singer and superstar on YouTube.

Mike says he was inspired by the words of affirmation so much that he turned his wife’s book into a music video.

The book You Are has been picked up by Amazon and Indigo among others.