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Historical sex offence charge for Seaforth golf pro

Cameron Doig of Seaforth, Ont. is facing more sexual offence charges. The 63-year-old golf pro has been charged with one count of indecent assault on a female and police say this charge is “historical” in nature.

Cameron Doig in September 2019. (Source: Seaforth Golf and Country Club/Facebook)

Ontario Election

Who are the voters in Ontario? Here's the breakdown

This map breaks down who the voters are in Ontario and how they cast their ballots in 2018. There are 124 ridings in Ontario—and each one is made up of a diverse population with key concerns about how the province is governed.

A map created and powered by Esri showing voter segmentation in Ontario as well as the 2018 election results.

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War wounds: Limbs lost and lives devastated in an instant in Ukraine

There is a cost to war — to the countries that wage it, to the soldiers who fight it, to the civilians who endure it. For nations, territory is gained and lost, and sometimes regained and lost again. But some losses are permanent. Lives lost can never be regained. Nor can limbs. And so it is in Ukraine.

Finland, Sweden officially apply for NATO membership

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said Wednesday that the military alliance stands ready to seize a historic moment and move quickly on allowing Finland and Sweden to join its ranks, after the two countries submitted their membership requests.

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