LONDON, ONT. -- An 8-year-old London, Ont. girl who is now cancer free after three years, made a sizeable donation to the Leukemia Bottle Drive at the Beer Store Saturday.

Paige Marsh was diagnosed three years ago, and just finished her treatment on Dec. 6, 2019.

Saturday afternoon her family made a donation of $2500 to the bottle drive at the Lorne Ave. Beer Store location.

"I see a lot of kids in hospital and it looks like they need a lot of help," says Marsh.

"I hope that they find something to cure all the blood cancer."

Because of COVID-19, Jeff Marsh was off work and for nine weeks he was busy collecting cans, and crushing them in the garage with Paige's help.

Family, friends, and the community jumped on board and they were able to secure the thousands of cans.

"We do it for our daughter, as she's six months past treatment," says Shannon Marsh, Paige's mother.

"We also want to pay it forward and hopefully find a cure for blood cancer."

Marsh says the past three years have been a roller coaster, and her daughter has shown her, "what strength and courage is all about."

Paige has been going for monthly check-ups over the past few months, and her bloodwork is all clear.