LONDON, ONT. -- Jeff Robb, owner of Turner’s Drug store, an Old South London landmark that has breathed air into the community since 1938 is retiring as of Tuesday.

After nearly 50-years of serving the community, Jeff Robb, Glen Robb’s successor is passing on the torch to a new generation of pharmacists.

“I’ve been here since 1974. I was 14-years-old, it was my first job working for my dad.”

Robb’s father Glen Robb worked as a pharmacist for Stanley Turner the original owner of Turner’s Drug Store.

In 1951, Glen took ownership of the store in 1965 and Jeff ffollowed in his footsteps, inheriting the store in 1987.

“My father passed away at my age and I miss him dearly. I communicate with him every day that I am here…and Stanley was like a grandfather to me,” Robb says through tears.

“He (my father) was larger than life for me…I think he was quite proud that I became a pharmacist.”

Robb says the 82-year-old business will be passing it’s ownership onto pharmacist Darren Dasovich, who will be co-owner and manager.

“It really is an honour…the customers are great,” says Dasovich.

While Dasovich calls it an honour, he admits he has big shoes to fill.

“The business has been going on for 82-years or so, they must be doing something right, so we will keep it going…it really is special.”

Robb says he has all the faith in the world that Dasovich will keep the warmth and ideals alive, first set by Stanley Turner.

“He (Dasovich) came in the first day…I saw the care and the attention and intelligence the young man had. He was me 25-years ago,” says Robb.

Turner’s Drug Store has been a staple in the community for decades and Robb hopes the business will thrive for at least a couple more centuries.

“It’s all about the way you treat people. You treat them with respect and dignity, you take care of them…I’m hoping after my life cycle is over we get 200 more years,” says Robb.

Robb made sure to say hello and goodbye to customers and also to employees that he has worked alongside for decades.

“I love this store, it is a small community…we call people by their first names. We’re a family, Turner’s will not be the same without Jeff,” says Carol Poirier, who’s worked at Turner Drug store for 30 years.

“Jeff runs a good business he cares about his clients year after year. You just feel like you belong,” says Brian Baley, a customer for 15 years.

While Robb will be moving on to pursuer philanthropic endeavors, he still lives in the neighbourhood and plans to pop by the store whenever he gets the chance.

“It’s quite overwhelming but it is a good overwhelming…I’m just an ambassador and shepherd for the ideals of Stan Turner, my father Glen Robb, myself and now Darren, who will be the shepherd forward.”