LONDON, ONT. -- The Middlesex-London Health Unit is reporting a jump of 39 new coronavirus cases Sunday.

There are now 1,821 total confirmed cases in the region with 1,463 recovered.

The death toll remains at 76, after recording a new death Saturday, a man in his 60s not connected to a retirement or long term care home.

Meanwhile, the outbreak at University Hospital (UH) continues to grow.

On Sunday, 70 patients (an increase of six from the day before) have tested positive from a series of eight unit outbreaks, along with 56 staff and health-care providers (an increase of seven from the day before). Thirteen deaths have been directly connected.

On Saturday, a new outbreak was decalred on the cardiology wing of UH.

A case of the virus has been identified at C.C. Carrothers Public School in the Pond Mills area by the health unit.

Staff and parents have been notified as well as close contacts of the case.

The school will remain open and school buses will continue to operate.

The new figures come as Ontario is reporting a record-breaking number of new COVID-19 cases for the second day straight with 1,924 new cases on Sunday. It's the first time the province has broke the 1,900 mark.

This is also on the heels of another record-breaking day Saturday with 1,859 infections.

As of 12:01 a.m. Monday, the Middlesex-London region will be under the orange-restrict level under Ontario's COVID-19 response framework.

The province updated the region's status on Friday afternoon following a spike in cases largely tied to ongoing outbreaks at the London Health Sciences Centre's University Hospital.

Elgin, Oxford, Huron and Perth Counties are already in the orange zone.