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19-year-old strongman pushing limits with 10 km truck pull


Rain or shine, 19-year-old Cole Brubacher will be pulling a half ton truck the distance of 100 football fields next Sunday in Listowel, Ont.

“I figured we’d pick something to grab some attention. I figured a 10 kilometre truck pull would definitely do that,” said the Listowel native.

Brubacher is challenging himself to raise money for two local charities, the Tanner Steffler Foundation and It Takes a Village-Listowel. Training for the June 25 event has been gruelling, but satisfying.

“It’s been pretty random training to be honest. Each time I kind of try something new or different or challenging to push my limits, in a new way. So, on the day of, I’ll be prepared if it’s slippery or wet, I’ll be ready for it. Try to prepare myself for anything day of,” he explained.

Brubacher is part of a larger initiative called the Challenge Accepted Foundation, founded by his cousin and support team, Jesse Nethercott. In the past few years, Nethercott has completed a 102 km run, a 52 km run with a weight vest, and 1,200 pull-ups in 12 hours.

Another Challenge Accepted Foundation member, Joel Hartung, biked from Vancouver to Toronto, all in the name of charity.

“I feel personally that it definitely helps you with your own mental health. Kind of working through that, and you come out the other side a better person, a bit stronger, and then raising awareness and support for the community is huge as well,” said Nethercott.

The Challenge Accepted Foundation is inspired by another Listowel strongman, Chris Kurz, who has raised over $200,000 for his community through eight different ultra-marathon and strongman events.

Brubacher and Nethercott hope to inspire others, the way Kurz inspired them.

“I’ve definitely been inspired watching other people do it. What it takes mentally to push through on the day of five kilometres in, Cole is going to be in quite a state of being. It’ll be super cool to how he copes with that and works through that,” said Nethercott.

Brubacher embarks on his 10 km truck pull at 8 a.m. outside the Steve Kerr Memorial Arena in Listowel, on Sunday, June 25. To learn more, or support him in his strongman effort, you can visit their website, or check out their Facebook page Top Stories

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