WINGHAM, ONT. -- Grey-Bruce just got a gift from the Ministry of Health. Thousands of PCR COVID-19 tests are on their way to the region.

The testing kits, which provide COVID-19 test results in 15 to 20 minutes, were destined for Bruce Power, but since the nuclear operator has their own testing regime, the kits will deployed to high risk regions in Grey-Bruce.

The 14,000 PCR tests will be distributed across Grey-Bruce and will be used to help speed up COVID-19 test results during contact tracing.

Grey-Bruce’s Medical Officer of Health says the rapid tests will be very valuable in minimizing transmission in long-term care homes, schools, child care centres, and other high-risk communities.

“These rapid tests will help us to be even more nimble in managing cases and clusters of COVID-19, while providing enhanced accessible options for testing to the residents of Grey and Bruce Counties,” Dr. Ian Arra said in a statement.