Police are calling it a tragedy after an 11-year old boy died on Monday night after being struck by a car east of Alymer while riding his bicycle.

It happened on Carter Road shortly after 9:00pm when a southbound vehicle struck the child about 1 km north of Highway 3.

An OPP officer not far away from the scene was the first emergency responder to arrive, said Media Officer Constable Adam Crewdson. “The Officer provided first aid as best he could.”

The boy was taken to hospital where he passed away.

The area of the accident scene is largely populated by Mennonite families and, although not confirmed by police, two sources told CTV he was a member of the community in the area.

Constable Crewdson says there is no evidence at this time, “that the vehicle was doing anything wrong”. This is just a tragedy at the beginning of summer time”.

A man, who identified himself as the brother of the woman who was driving the car told CTV, she said “There was nothing she could do. She is taking it very hard”.

He also expressed sympathy for the boys family.

With summer coming, police say the incident serves as tragic reminder to speak to your children about bicycle safety.