LONDON, ONT. -- The Middlesex Health Unit has confirmed that the 11 new cases of COVID-19 are associated with the outbreak declared among London migrant farm workers who work at a farm in Elgin County.

The Middlesex-London Health Unit also confirms, 531 total cases, 376 total resolved cases, and 52 deaths to date. There have been no new deaths since Friday.

Dr. Theresa Tam acknowledged the challenges people have faced as she updated Canadians on the recent COVID-19 numbers on Saturday afternoon ensuring healthcare providers are making efforts to ensure individuals can seek care safely.

"As of Saturday, May 30, there are now 89,741 COVID-19 cases, including 6,996 deaths and 48,085 or 54% have now recovered. Labs across Canada have tested over 1,631,000 people for COVID-19 to date, with about 5% of these testing positive overall. Over the past week, we have been testing an average of 22,300 people daily…"

In Ontario, there are 27,533 confirmed cases, 21,535 resolved cases, and 2,247 deaths.

Huron Perth Public Health is reporting no changes of confirmed positive cases for Perth County, Stratford, St. Marys, and Huron County as of Friday.

There have been four deaths in Stratford and one death in St. Marys to date, with a reported 52 confirmed cases in Perth and Huron counties.

To date, Southwestern Public Health reports 4,690 total individuals tested to date, 409 tests pending, four deaths, nine ongoing cases, and three cumulative institutional outbreaks.