WINGHAM, ONT. -- Ken Rea and Ray Walter were just doing their job.

The two North Perth firefighters were doing a final check to ensure everyone had made it out of a fire inside a dollar store on Listowel’s Main Street, when the roof collapsed.

The two men were killed.

Wednesday marks 10 years since the March 17, 2011 blaze.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, a very small memorial service was held in Listowel on Wednesday morning, where wreaths were laid at the foot of a statue honouring the fallen firefighters.

Perth-Wellington MPP Randy Pettapiece remembers the impact the tragedy had, and continues to have on the community.

“I remember the memorial service, held a week later, and the thousands of firefighters, paramedics and police officers attending from across North America. It was a tremendous show of support after such a devastating loss."

In honour of the fallen firefighters, Pettapiece created a piece of legislation to help firefighters better identify lightweight construction in commercial buildings.

The Rea and Walter Act was introduced in 2017, and Pettapiece hopes it will become law shortly.

“In recent weeks I have been working with MPPs and government officials to push this bill over the finish line. I am pleased to report that we are making significant progress. I expect to have more details to be able to share in the coming weeks,” he says.

A statue honouring Rea and Walter sits out front of North Perth municipal headquarters in Listowel.